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CM Table Compare

Compare utility for Visual FoxPro, FoxPro and other DBF tables - structures and indexes.

Do you ever wanted to compare two tables for structure or index differences? Not so easy, but you can - DISPLAY STRUCTURE and so o­n.

For two table - OK. But do you ever wanted to compare two FOLDERS table by table for structure or index differences? Generally this is difficult, if each folder has 20 or 100 tables.

Now you can - with the help of this utility. All the procedure takes about few seconds.

We are using this utility with success a lot of years.


Application consists from o­ne run-time file: This is a Visual FoxPro application, so you need VFP installed o­n your system. It was tested with VFP 7, 8 and 9. It should work with VFP 6, but we are not testing our applications with this version of VFP any more.

The utility uses Foxtools.fll, so be sure to place it in HOME() folder (main VFP folder).

To use this software you need to purchase license, please see license conditions.


- First Foxpro 2.6 versions.
     - First Visual Foxpro version (VFP 6).
9 July 1999
-Some minor interface changes and users suggestions.
-Additional structure checking - if fields can accept NULL values.
-Additional index checking - type (UNIQUE, CANDIDATE, REGULAR), order (ASCENDING, DESCENDING), filter expressions.
-Messages before changing table with buttons "Make equal".
-Right click while pointer is over a table name in the lists (Shows a menu with possibility to run CM Table Repair Utility with pointed table name as a parameter.)
11 November 1999
-Added new functionality to ignore some differences when comparing tables.
-Checkbox to ignore difference in memo fields length. It is known that from version 6 memo reference is with 4 bytes, not with 10.
-Checkbox to ignore difference in integer fields type and length. It is known that from version 6 it is possible to change a field, for example from N*10 or F*10 to I*4.
-Checkbox to ignore difference in date fields type. It is known that from version 6 it is possible to change a field, for example from type Date (D) to type Datetime (T).
Above mentioned are convenient to use when comparing tables created in different versions of FoxPro.
15 November 2000
- some enhancements
- some long file problems decided
10 June 2004
- VFP 9 support

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