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CM FrxExport

CM FrxExport is a FoxPro utility to export FRX reports in other formats: XLS, DOC, HTM, TXT and more. You can further manipulate data from output file as a table. Works quickly. First plane XLS file is created without automation (this part works in all FoxPro versions). Next this file is enhanced with Excel/Word automation (this part works in VFP o­nly). From version 2.0 new simple HTML export is added – quick, without complex formatting codes and works without need of other programs like Excel or Word.


It is well known that REPORT command has little possibilities to save output in a file:
where ASCII clause can be used in VFP o­nly. Our wishes are to mimic clauses like XLS, DOC, RTF, HTML. There are some utilities that with the help of MS Word or other automation produce output to file in other formats. Generally their target is to generate exact representation of the report output, as in previewing or printing the report. Because of this in output file are placed many frames with text, instead of table, as in original report. In some circumstances this approach is suitable, in some – not. Also this approach works very slowly – in some cases it is impossible to wait so many time. o­ne example when mentioned approach is not applicable is if we want to generate XLS or DOC file with report results, which contains data in table, and it is possible to manipulate the data afterwards (edit, or perform some more calculations for example). CM FrxExport utility attempts to solve above problems and to generate output file in reasonable time.

It consists from two parts:
· Function RepExpFl – generates plane output in Excel or other file (see help for COPY TO command for all possible formats and limitatons). This program works in nearly all (!) FoxPro versions (VFP, FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, FoxPro 2.6 for Windows), and don’t need external programs to be installed, as Excel or Word. From version 2.0 simple and direct HTML export is added;
· Function RepEnhance – enhances generated plane file with automation. This program works in VFP o­nly. Depending to the desired output format different automation is used (Excel 97, Word 2000).

To use this software you need to purchase license, please see license conditions.


Function RepExpFl is written in 1995/1996. Some enhancements are made in next years.
Function RepEnhance is written in 2002.
Version 1.00 (15 October 2002)
Version 1.01 (3 November 2002)
- added NULL support for values in the table.
Version 1.02 (25 June 2003)
- improvements and bugs removal.
Version 2.0 (10 June 2004)
- many formatting improvements (especially for rounding)
- added support for summary band exportation and formatting
- tested with VFP 9 (but no support for multi detail bands yet)
- simple HTML export is added – quick, without complex formatting codes and works without need of other programs like Excel or Word

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