This extension speeds up the work in the admin section of the site, when processing orders, products, categories and all other pages displaying lists. Direct inline editing is very time-saving, and fast operation and management of displayed tables is indispensable in stores that handle large data sets.
For convenience with the extras, an elegant toolbar with buttons and a search box is displayed above the tables.
Inline editing is a special development and has an APi for developers to integrate with modules from other developers.
Most of the extras to the tables are achieved by integrating the application "Bootstrap Table",

Link to the module

  • Inline edit for most of the fields of the products, categories and all other lists
  • Action/Status columns moved to far left in the table
  • Move filter controls in the table header to save space
  • For tables with filters: filter on enter key (inputs), filter on change (selects)
  • Multiple sort by more then one column
  • Instant sort by column
  • Instant search in visible results
  • Rows per page limit to show
  • Fixed (sticky) header to top when scrolling vertically
  • Card & Full screen view
  • On/Off columns
  • Save table state
  • Export the table (pdf,xls etc.)
  • Clickable ellipses to show full text in columns with long information
  • Custom styling

DEMO in Opencart 3.0
DEMO Module settings
 Username/password: demo/demo


Inline edit
In the columns marked in their titles with an edit mark, you can double-click directly to edit the value. Clicking out or pressing enter the value is saved in the database without refreshing the page. This saves a lot of time entering edit mode, which is another page, and returning back is slow, losing the current position in the table. See the following picture of what sample editing looks like:

Action/Status columns moved to far left
You've probably noticed how awkwardly located the buttons in the Action column are on the far right. When using a phone, they are practically unusable. The module has an option to move the Action and Status columns to the left of the table so that they are visible and always accessible to the user:

Move filter controls in the table header
Another disadvantage of the traditional interface is the location of the filter controls, which take up useful space for the table itself. Our solution is to move them to the title section of the tables, so they can be used quite intuitively. Filtering is triggered easily and quickly even when you press Enter, or when you change the so-called list menus, whatever the status:

Multiple sort by more then one column
This is an excellent feature, rarely used, but useful in some more detailed analyzes:

Instant sort by column
Just with single click. Clicking again in the header cell changes the sort direction, and a third click removes the sort in that column. Fast and convenient, right? At the same time, the links in the column headers in the cells that make a new request to the server to return another set of results sorted by that column are saved:

Instant search
Entering just a few letters in the Instant search field instantly filters the currently displayed results in the table and quickly leads to finding the desired row. This is a "must have" feature nowadays. With the button on the right we can quickly remove the filter:

Rows per page limit
This useful feature - to make a quick request for the desired number of rows returned by the server in the table - is located in the toolbar above the table, but comes from another of our modules, Como Admin tools
.Otherwise the default number is set by System, Settings, Options:

Fixed (sticky) header
With long tables and a short screen, the table header and controls disappear vertically when scrolling, right? Well, now they are glued to the top of the screen and it is convenient to see which column is for what, as well as actions can be taken with the buttons and controls there. This is especially useful for mobile devices:

Card & Full screen view
The so-called Card view is very useful, especially on mobile or narrow screen and wide tables with many columns. Quickly and easily switches with the leftmost button on the toolbar, as the information from the columns is displayed on the screen one below the other. With the next button, the table is stretched to full screen and shrinks back again:

On/Off columns
It is possible to easily turn on and off some of the columns. This also contributes to transparency and easy access to the information we need:

Save table state
The described settings are saved automatically the next time the page is reloaded It is also possible to delete the settings to see the table in its "original" form (Delete cookies used to save table state). Below is how this is done:

Table export
We have even provided this opportunity, to export the table in various formats (pdf,xls etc.). This can be turned off in the module settings. Export to MS Excel is universal, but currently PDF export works well for standard ASCII character set only:

Clickable ellipses
With clickable ellipses we can show full text in some of the columns with long information:

Custom styling
In the settings of the module we can create custom styles and colors for different elements of the tables - with direct color selection, or through CSS styles:

Disable for routes
By default, the module works for all tables with lists (products, categories, attributes, sales, customers, etc.). In the settings of the module there is a possibility to exclude for some pages. To exclude a page where it is not appropriate for the module to work, copy as shown in the picture and enter it in the field provided in the module settings:

The extension is compatible and extends other of our productivity modules Como Admin tools
For Order list is compatible with Como Order Status Plus - Colored, Quick edit, Quick order view

For the integration of Inline edit and the extras in Bootsrtap Table Extended for module developers, an API is available.