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Shipping Labels Advanced

Shipping labels are required if the products are sent to customers by post or with courier. Then it is necessary to stick labels on the shipments with from/to information: names, addresses, phones, emails and more. This module provides customizable approach to easy print labels on standard or specialised printers (label printers).

NEW: Unlimited label layouts! (available in Opencart 3 version)

NEW: Quick printing directly to printer from order list or order info, without opening new page! (available in Opencart 3 version).

If in the order shipping address is not available (it is possible in some cases), then payment address is used automatically.

Module supports some advanced features:
- QR codes for FROM/TO addresses;
- QR codes for FROM/TO phones;
- Barcode for order Id and date;
- Logo for sender (owner of the store).

QR codes and barcodes are generated in the extension and external generators are not used.

All parameters for labels are customizable in new section in store options:
Sender name (defaults to store owner)
Address format by default for recipient (if not specified in the order)
Format can use: {firstname}, {lastname}, company}, {address_1}, {address_2}, {city}, {postcode}, {country} and any texts.
Phone of the recepient
Address format for sender
Format can use: {company}, {address}, {city}, {postcode}, {country}, {telephone}, {email}, {url} and any texts.
Address of the sender, City, Postal code, Region, Country
Logo of the sender
Text format for barcode
Format can use: {date_added}, {order_id}, {invoice_no}, {invoice_prefix}, {customer_id}, {username} and any texts.
Default: {date_added} Ord. {order_id}
Barcode: yes/no
QR code with address: yes/no
QR code with phone: yes/no
One label width
One label height
Distance between labels X
Distance between labels Y
NEW: Number of pairs of labels per page (before to send page break)
Logo height
QR code size
Order barcode height 
Order barcode width

CSS and template
Module is coming with predefined CSS and template files, and you can immediately start printing labels. But it is builded in possibility to copy CSS and TPL TO *_custom.* and to start modify them.

We are open to make even more to make shipping labels suitable for your needs.

Please use this CONTACT FORM:
where describe in details name of the extension and the question. Provide as much info as possible.

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