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Como Admin Scripts

Como Admin scripts provides tools to create, save and execute PHP scripts and commands conveniently in the administrative interface of the site. This is useful both for developers to test snippets of their modules and for users who have some knowledge of PHP or want to acquire it.

The code snippets we create run directly in the Opencart controller, so the entire environment and admin sessions are available for use and testing. You can load model files from the installation and call functions from the controllers on the administrative part of the site.

DEMO in Opencart 4 username/password demo

DEMO in Opencart 3 username/password demo

  • Edit code snippets directly in the module interface.
  • Save code snippets in the database with titles and descriptions.
  • Visualization of code fragments in tabular form and the ability to execute one and a series of them.
  • Display the result of the execution in a convenient form.
  • Ability to run directly from the code editor.
  • You can create entire procedures that perform some useful service function and are reusable.

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