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Check and repair utility for Visual FoxPro, FoxPro and other DBF-type tables. You can see and repair nearly all items in the header, structure and data of the table and memo files. It can be called from code to automatically repair bad headers or data.

It is well known, that if a FoxPro program (any version) appends/writes to a table and computer crashes, the table becomes bad. Next time when FoxPro uses it, an error appears, like this:

Not a database file (Error number 15)
Table "name" has become corrupted. The table will need to be repaired before using again. (Error number 2091)
MEMO file is missing/invalid (Error number 41)

For several years of working with large data massifs and many clients, we discovered that in 99 % it is possible to recover tables and memo files with small or no loss of information.

One of the problems occurs when FoxPro appends records. FoxPro engine writes buffers o­n disk in this order: first changes record number in the header of the table, and after changes the size of the file and writes data. Better way is to reverse order of this two operations, but it is embedded in the Foxpro engine.

During the years we added many more functionality to CM Table Repair, such as auto-repairing of errors when obtained, checking all tables in given folder, repairing tables over 2 Gb, backup and auto-backups, repairing memo file headers, examination of data in table checked at low level (that means independent from possibility of VFP to open the table), powerful Read/Write test with possibility to repair hidden errors in data, such as error 39 (numeric overflow) and 41 (invalid memo file addressing) and many more.

From version 2006b are added new action possibilities after ordinary and/or read/write table check: pack, reindex, zap, copy and export in different formats.


Application consists from o­ne run-time file: This is a Visual FoxPro application, so you need VFP installed o­n your system. It was tested with VFP 7, 8 and 9. It should work with VFP 6, but we are not testing our applications with this version of VFP any more.

To use this software you need to purchase license, please see license conditions.

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